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get wells fargo net worth calculation forms

Get the get wells fargo net worth calculation forms

Net worth calculation form As of date Assets Liabilities Current liquid assets Value Current liabilities Amount owed Cash on hand Auto loan Checking account Installment debt Savings account Personal loan Certificates of deposit Credit cards Money owed you Mortgage loan Tax refund due Insurance due Cash value of life insurance Taxes due Stocks/bonds Other Mutual fund shares Total liabilities Total liquid assets Calculate your current net worth by ...
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Hey Jackie Duncan check it out because you know Amana we got a multi-millionaire rapper alright if you guys don't heard this guy's name is black youngster he claims to have 1.3 million in his bank account and that makes him a multi-millionaire now he's climbing back at Wells Fargo because they claim that what the fuck is this guy talking about he ain't got no goddamn account here accusing us of being racist or a profile in him right now according to reports and really according to the point of view of black youngster he did the first interview he said he woke up one day right he stretchy put on a wife beater in office sunny said he felt like copying him a Bentley trucks about 200 some thousand dollars lightwork to a rapper okay so he says he walks up in a bank and he says yo let me get $200,000 account I'm a multimillionaire I got 1.3 million in the account now apparently they give him the money like hey here you go black young said now he says he walks out as soon as he walks out when I Atlanta police officer is like fucking Goldberg Spears him to the ground pins him to the ground grabs his money and basically puts him in cuff and says bruh you out here writing bad checks now apparently was a case of mistaken identity they thought he was actually writing or trying to cash bad checks and for him he says why do you know why they thought that cuz I was young I was handsome I was wealthy and I was black okay now I mean the police has been fucking up a lot right that actually does seem like maybe a case of a profiling now the police actually came out and said yeah we're sorry we fucked up we got a description of somebody writing bad checks we thought it was him yeah we fucked up so pretty much definitely there was some profiling going on the the part of police but we're not talking about police actually we are because he also claimed the police took a hundred thousand dollars of his two hundred thousand dollars they held on to half now the police denied they were like we never took any money from this guy now that's a big source of contention because we haven't heard about the other $100,000 yet but the bank actually issued a statement and this is the most embarrassing part right Wells Fargo said what the fuck is black youngster talking about this Negro did not come in the bank that day to be honest you don't got a goddamn account here and what the fuck is he talking about because if we really want to use the cameras and trace why he had that money in his hand it was actually withdrawn from his managers account and his manager gave him that money that he was holding on to so we had no relationship where we had no dealing with black youngster that day so what is he talking about now that's a big surprise a rapper line say what now it would be a lie if he really didn't have an account he didn't go up in the bank and take the money out now a lot of people and this is a simplicity of rap fans right people be like yo who cares if you had an account he...